Annual Ladies Conference 2020 Report- You Are Enough


The Fourth Waiting Wombs Trust Conference was a big milestone especially during this Covid-19 period hosting sixty four members physically and 600 virtually with a projected YouTube viewership of over fifty thousand in the coming months. The attendees aged between 23-56 years old came from all over the county, as far as Kehancha .The Conference was held at the Misty Mountain Lodge in Naru Moru, Kenya. The theme of this conference was “You are enough.”Speakers at the conference included: Psychologist Charlene Denousse of Riverdale hospital, Dr. Muteshi or Aghakan hospital, Ruth Phiri from Zambia, Caroline Harries of Moms in the making USA, Tabitha Ndichu a fibroid advocate, Kambua a gospel artist/ TV presenter, Ivy Syovata of The business nest hub and Hadassa Trip the founder of Waiting Wombs Trust.The event’s partners and sponsors were: Safaricom, Riverdale Medical Centre, Kenrus LTD, One Forty four communications Ltd, VIVO, Bee Happy, The Health square, Bonfire Adventures and Dr. Charles Muteshi.


Various topics were discussed among them, Keeping Sane when Insanity Beacons by our most beloved mom Phiri (as most cordially refer to her) and self-care while we wait by Denousse (Riverdale Medical Center), all reiterated to us the importance of being conscious of the NOW, focusing on our holistic wellbeing. Other topics like keeping hope alive by Tabitha Ndichu (My Red is Beautiful), You are still enough by Kambua, and While we wait, by Caroline Harries (Moms in the Making), reminded us over and over again that we are enough, that while in the waiting room, we should focus on being kind to self and others, and more importantly, work on our relationship with Christ, as we are really enough when we are complete in him. Overall, these sessions covered the mental aspect of infertility and dealing with stigmatization that comes with childlessness.Dr. Muteshi barely scratched the surface when he delved into the world of assisted reproductive methods; we all appreciated his vast knowledge and experience in the field.
This was followed by a question and answer session on the options like IVF, IUI and ICSI and free consultation both physically and virtually.Our very own Ivy Syovata of the Incubator Nest Hub has a wealth of knowledge on how to start and run a successful business, a relevant topic to most waiting wombs. She committed to help those who are keen on startups and considering that we have worked with her before, success is guaranteed. One of our highlights was having Joyce, aged 56 and who was joining us for the first time. Joyce comes from a depressed world where she has been kicked out of three marriages due to infertility and childlessness. She boldly spoke of how the conference has revived her and given her new meaning to life. She even offered to be one of our ambassadors.We laughed, cried, danced, played, prayed, and shared food and testimonies of our own personal journeys, knowing that we are among our very own tribe, where we can be ourselves without criticism and judgement. We made new friends and got acquainted with old ones.

Below are some testimonies from the ladies about the conference.

The experience was great, I enjoyed everything about the conference, am leaving a changed soul. Good job Hadassa, keep it up.
                      ~ Jacky

I am sending my sincere Gratitude's for organizing the conference for waiting wombs. I am revived and energetic mentally, spiritually and emotionally. I AM ENOUGH
                      ~ Joyce

It has been an eye opening experience for me given that I was attending the session for the first time. I learnt a lot of things but most of all; I have learnt that I am enough.
                      ~ Robai

I am writing to just say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to you and the entire Waiting Wombs Trust team and sponsors for organizing this conference. It is my first time being here and being a waiting womb for 11yrs, I feel encouraged to meet other ladies in the same path and by sharing our moments of this journey, I feel so much uplifted and I feel I AM ENOUGH. Thank you to all the lineup of powerful speakers, their wise words is my strength and I am going out of this conference fully positively changed and feeling complete. Be blessed and looking forward to the next year’s conference by God’s Grace.
                      ~ Emily

It was my first time attending the conference and i really enjoyed the sessions despite the minor hitches. The speakers were really prepared and of great encouragement. I particularly loved the doc sessions. I got a wealth of information. Thank you.... for your obedience to the calling. We have benefitted greatly. God bless you.
                      ~ Martha

The conference has been awesome. At least I have found people who relate to my situation and are willing to give a shoulder to lean on and to give a listening ear. No matter what I am enough.
                      ~ Vicky

I was at the verge of depression. Coming to the conference was a last minute decision and I don’t regret it. I feel revived and ready to face life despite my many losses
                      ~ Viviane

By Naomi N.