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About Waiting Wombs Trust

Waiting Wombs Trust (WWT) is a Kenyan Public Benefit Organization (PBO) that works to create awareness, provide support and mobilization of families who – for varied reasons– have experiences of childlessness or have walked the child-waiting period in their marriage.

The organization was conceptualized and initiated in March 2017 by a couple directly affected by childlessness and infertility.


Year Founded-March


Community;and growing


Successful Conferences

During this period, the adverse effects of child waiting were compounded by various medical and socio-economic setbacks. Waiting wombs trust was later registered as a trust. Having personally walked this path, the founders Ken and Editah have a first-hand experience of the challenges associated with the waiting period.
At waiting wombs Trust, we are determined and dedicated to help other families and couples undergoing similar experiences to alleviate their pain and restore their hope as they continue waiting. Most crucial though, is the need to demystify the African traditional beliefs and misconceptions associated with childbearing and childlessness in Kenya. The primary purpose of Waiting Wombs Trust is to establish and sustain support systems for childless and waiting individuals and families around the areas of education, medication, psychosocial support, policy advocacy and internal staff establishment.

Enhanced Support Systems

WWT’s rationale is the need to establish and sustain support systems for the childless and waiting families.Such support systems must, of necessity, mitigate the devastating impacts of retrogressive socio-cultural beliefs and practices around childlessness.

Key Milestones

Since its inception, the organization has been able to achieve the following key milestones despite the limited resources, mostly coming in only as donations from Board Members:

Nairobi Regional Meeting

Our first regional meeting was held in Nairobi. It brought together over 120 women who openly shared their waiting experiences and journey.In attendance was a fertility specialist and an adoption agency offering the relevant services.

Kisumu Regional Meeting

In February 2017, we moved to Kisumu City where we held another regional meeting. We laughed , cried and got free advice from an adoption agency and fertility specialist Waiting Ladies’ Conference in Kisumu, brought together 40 ladies to discuss how to cope with infertility and to listen to expert advice and get services from a fertility specialist

Mombasa Regional Meeting

In early 2017 at the port city of Mombasa, Waiting Wombs Trust championed a regional meeting which brought together 60 women for bonding and education.

Waiting Wombs Trust envisions a society where childless and waiting couples – young and old – are empowered, encouraged and supported rather than stigmatized, shunned and crushed.

Waiting Wombs Trust exists to avert the medical, physical, socio-cultural and psychological factors that undermine acceptance and positive living among childless and waiting families, consequently depriving them of the opportunity to live a more fulfilling life. The organization does this through a set of activities guided by its priority objectives as outlined in sections that follow.

Respect, Trust, Honesty, Loyalty, Integrity, Grace, Humility, Hope, Love, Accountability, Empathy, Resililence, Courage, Intellect

Priority Areas

We know the pain; we understand the mental torture that comes with waiting. Do not die in silence, come let us walk together.

Psycho-Social Support
Medical Support