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Objective Oriented Services

Since its inception, the organization has been able to achieve the following key milestones in line with the laid down objectives.The overall objective of the Waiting Wombs Trust is to establish and sustain support systems for childless and waiting individuals and families around the areas of education, medication, psychosocial support, policy advocacy and internal staff establishment.

We have specific objectives each having various activies and expected outputs.

We Offer

To enhance awareness and demystify myths and misconceptions surrounding childlessness and infertility among at least 100,000 people
Medical Support
To provide free or subsidized medical consultation, fertility tests, IVFs and any other related services to members who are needy and unable to meet such costs.
Psycho-Social Support
To provide counseling services to adversely affected members, initiate and facilitate group therapies for members
Policy Advocacy
To advocate for inclusion of infertility-related medical services in the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) through targeted consultations with the Ministry of Health,

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