For every man, that buys us flowers for mothers day,
That encourages us when we start on that new " must work" drug,
That follows us around as we switch doctors,
That is there during and after every other procedure
That holds us after yet another negative test,
You are appreciated, you are the real deal

To the man that knows that we are just waiting wombs,
That God in His infinite wisdom, knows the "whys" and no one else
The man that stands with us, at every family function,
Protecting us from the snide comments and from ourselves,
To the man that has wiped tears over and over again,
Not sure if this season will ever pass,
We salute you daddy to be, asante sana

To the man taking the pills secretly,
Diets religiously and keeps taking those uncomfortable tests,
Hats off baba, we salute you too
Men that know the meaning of HSG, AMH, TWW, TTC,
You are fathers in waiting and we acknowledge all you do for us.

Editah Hadassa