Turning My Pain Into Beautiful Story- Mother's day

Mother’s Day

This art work carries my negative home pregnancy and ovulation test kits.
I did it with the help of my husband.
I am not an artist and it’s not perfect but this is my story.

At the beginning of the year
I promised not to ever carry out a home pregnancy test because most of the time, they ended up in premium tears.
Those sticks, those two lines, all I wanted was to experience a pregnancy. My craving list is intact, I even picture how I’ll walk and make fun of myself. Pregnancy will be my chance to say, “ I don’t like onions anymore, I think my baby needs more exotic food.” I also love the glow that comes with it 😊 You are appreciated, you are the real deal

After 14 years....
I paused and asked myself
For how long was I going to cry over sticks?
*I don’t like how crying distorts my pretty face 🤣
Where was God in the picture?
How’s my relationship with Him?
Where’s is my faith?
Does my life stop if it doesn’t happen?
Must I experience pregnancy to be a mother?
So what if society does not understand?
It’s was not an easy self talk but I am glad I did it.

So the narrative had to change
The sticks that have made me cry had to create a beautiful story. What a better way to use them than to have a promise hanging on our wall! They don’t make me sad anymore, they actually put a smile on my face.
Because I know whom I have believed and I am persuaded that He is able.
Whichever way and time He sees it fit, I am cool with it- He’s God.

My friend,
I know today may not be an easy day for you
My prayer is that The Lord may turn the pain into a beautiful story. The loss , the failed procedure, the waiting period... may all end up into something beautiful.
Keep your head up. And from our little home I say...


Editah Hadassa