I Pr Mwashighadi was the first one to come across this page- waiting wombs trust Facebook page and support group).I was glad someone thought of encouraging waiting wombs.

I introduced my wife Mercy and we have since been encouraged by the struggles and the testimonies in this page.

After twelve years in marriage ,we had an opportunity to adopt a child and he brought so much joy in our home. After a year and some months, the boy developed some complications which turned out to be cancer. He underwent two months of treatment but he lost the battle and rested in 2020 few days to lock down.

We got the full 2020 experience, but we were encouraged that it was God's plan to have the baby find a home, he rested peaceful after appreciating the gift of family.

Come this year 19 April 2021 a month after the first anniversary of his passing ,God blessed us with a Baby Girl, God restored what we lost in 2020. Glory and honor be unto God Almighty.

As we keep waiting for God ,every little act of kindness towards anyone who is waiting upon the Lord earns us honor before God Almighty.

My Prayer goes to all waiting wombs may the Good Lord give us peace and understanding as we wait upon him. “ Pr Maxwell Mwashighadi.

Thank you for the support.

Editah Hadassa