Waiting on God

I was pretty sure this was going to be the month.
That this different doctor got it right.
That the new drug had hit the spot.
That the dosage was perfect.
That we got the date right this time.

But yet again I am in the toiletries aisle,
walking past the diapers,
Throwing in the sanitary towels,
Adding the tampons just in case its a messy month....
Once again, He will not ask if things are good,
I will throw in that "don't ask look" for good measure.

Anyway, perhaps we were all wrong,
The doctors, the drug ,the dosage, our timing
But I am convinced that YOU are always right.
Perfect in Your ways Lord.
For I know in whom I trust and He is able to guard that which i have entrusted to Him....

Not this month little one but soon.


©waiting wombs Trust