Waiting Wombs Trust Holds its first successful ladies conference in Kenya

Can you imagine what would happen if you were to walk into a room full of involuntarily childless sisters and those who have walked the journey for a weekend long meeting? You probably cannot unless you have walked a similar path.

Our first annual ladies conference 2018, on the shores of the cool, relaxing and serene lake Elementaita was a BIG success. Our theme was hope in waiting. We managed to bring together one hundred and sixty two ladies from all over Kenya including places as far as Turkana, Kisumu and Mombasa. We had representatives from Uganda, Ghana, Malawi and Zambia. It was a blessing in every way to spend time with the amazing women.

I sat somewhere and watched as the ladies trickled in on Friday. I knew that for some, it had taken a bold step to join us. Some were afraid, some were unsure if they would even connect with the roommates. We ensured that everyone received a special welcome by those who had already arrived. We had a goodie pack for each person thanks to MIXA, dairyland, endometriosis foundation of Kenya, kenrus Ltd, Doctor’s choice, Assisted reproduction center, One forty four communications, footsteps to Fertility, Valentine’s cake house ,Lancet Laboratories and our own designed Waiting Wombs onesies . This warmed the hearts of all attendees. The worship and song session led by Gloria Muliro and XII the band was rich. We were blessed in every way.

We had prayerfully selected great speakers who handled various topics such as what to do while we wait, self-worth, forgiveness, depression, hope, grief support, intimacy while we wait, God’s care and so much more. We also had a session with a fertility specialist who freely offered advice on where to start in this journey. This was topped up by ladies who shared emotional waiting experiences and encouraged others.During prayer time, we all went to God and asked for His strength. This was a very deeply moving session where every prayer, hug, word, tear meant something or made a difference.

We sang, we danced, we played, we prayed, we cried, and then we challenged each other to reach out to someone in our shoes, to walk head up, to avoid self-pity and to do something even while waiting, to brighten the corner wherever we are. The feedback was amazing. The depressed who felt like they had come to the end of life were encouraged. We each left feeling refreshed. Our one free IVF winner, thanks to Dr. Kireki of Assisted reproduction center, was amazingly surprised and very grateful.

Quoting one particular feedback from sister Mary who was kicked out by her husband due to childlessness, " I attended this conference because you encouraged me to. I planned to take my life afterwards but not anymore. I will not allow my current state to take me to the grave, I now know my worth."

We look forward to hosting a bigger, more impactful annual conference 2019
We look forward to living positive lives even as we deal with childlessness.
We look forward to reaching out to more ladies, men, couples in our shoes.
There is #hopeinwaiting
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