Teach me how to wait

38 years waiting for the angel, every time the pool is stirred, the miracle is his, or hers never mine

12 years bleeding straight, doctors have drained all the money I had,
A heir was promised but I am 89 and childless.
Elkanah loves me, but Peninah gives me no peace.
We thought He loved Lazarus, he didn't even attend the burial.
An army of 300 against the Amalekites? Lord are you serious?
Dip myself 7 times in a dirty river? I should think not.
Let your God answer by fire, so lets pour water on the alter.
My son is here and you ask me to give him back?
I am a virgin, how then can I be expectant? Nitaambia watu nini?
The jar shall not run out of oil, nor the bowl out of flour until I send rain.
It shall not rain until I say it will.

By faith, the miracle came without the water being stirred.
By faith a touch of His garment was a permanent fix,
Isaac was born to a woman way past child bearing age,
Samuel, and 5 other siblings were granted to Hannah,
4 days late yet still on time Lazarus lives again
Gideon's God was stronger than the Amalekite army,
Naaman's skin became like that of a child.
Elijah's God that answers by fire burnt the offering , water and all
Isaac was spared and a lamb provided
And Mary was pregnant by the power of the holy spirit,
God himself fed the widow until He sent rain

Minutes of peeking at the pregnancy test
Hours of staring at the doctor's report,
Months of medications that cost so much,
Years of waiting on a child,
You remain the same.
The one that came through for thousands before me,
The one that did it once shall do it again.

But Lord, before you do it: Teach me how to wait.