Through our partners, we provide counseling services to men, women and couples battling with infertility and childlessness.
We advocate for inclusion of infertility-related medical services
We enhance awareness and demystify myths and misconceptions surrounding childlessness


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We envision a world where waiting and childless couples are empowered, encouraged and supported

Reproductive Health
We invite the support of people, organizations and institutions that specialize in fertility, gynecology and any other forms of reproductive health to partner with to help on the medical challenges that affect those who are waiting.
We seek collaboration with counselors who specialize in cases involving trauma after miscarriages, discouragement after unfaithfulness and depression after child loss all as a resulting from the difficult period of waiting.
Every donation makes a difference for those individuals and families in distress because of domestic abuse, negligence, eviction and much more as a result of the difficult waiting period.

Our Testimonials

I am very much grateful for the support given to me by Waiting Wombs Trust. They have been with me throughout my difficult journey and I advise all going through the same to work with them.
Olive Omondi
Health Consultant
Waiting Wombs Trust have given me hope,I had completely lost hope but they have restored my hope through their teachings.May God bless your work and may you reach out to many.
Doreen Chebet
Visionary,Health Digestive